Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Wood Wednesday: Woven Wood

I'm sorry! I thought this was posted on Wednesday.  I guess I was so excited about being a Guest Star that I just didn't post the Wood Wednesday. Enjoy my Woven Wood! 

I was so busy last week finishing all my projects and having my sale, this week I have just been lazy. On my trash hunting trip through town today, I did find some good boards but no furniture. I am trying to put things away (company arrives in 10 days) but I am just not into it. I want to create not clean up.

The one thing that keeps getting my attention is Easter baskets. I have collected a lot of woven baskets. I have had some of them for years. In fact some went through the flood and are a little worse for wear.

baskets 010 baskets 008  baskets 1013

So I decided that I would just paint them. First I spray painted them is colors that I had bought on sale. Then I added details with other paint I had.

 baskets 1006      
baskets 1037 baskets 1028  baskets 1030 baskets 1031 baskets 1032 baskets 1034
Now I have to find some cheap or free things to put in the baskets. My main mantra is
Never Throw Anything Away. 
I will have to add another one
Never Pay For Anything.

I will have a craft show on April 16. That should be a perfect time to sell unique baskets.

Let's Party
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  1. WOW! What an amazing job you did at transforming these baskets! They are better than new! I don't always have the vision to see how something will look! ♥

  2. Those look fabulous! Thanks so much for linking this up to Inspiration Friday this week. We hope to see much more of you in the future! :-)

  3. Lovely baskets. You did a wonderful job with them. Thanks for sharing.

  4. great job!

    Blog hopping! I'm your new follower and would love a follow back! www.adeliciousobsession.com Thanks!

  5. great finds! I love free!
    good luck on your upcoming sale!