Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Wood Wednesday: Bookcase Bench

I thought that I had taken a before picture, but I can’t find it.

This project started as a twin headboard. I did find a picture on the internet.

This was not any great piece of furniture when it was new. The whole thing is laminated fiberboard and I found it in the trash. I did like the fact that it had the bookcase. So I cut it off just below the bookcase. I roughed up the finish, primed it and painted it black.

Because it was particle board, I did not trust it to be a sturdy bench. I cut a 1x12 down to fit on the bottom. Before I attached that board to the bookcase, I cut four 1 1/2” pieces off of a closet pole to make little feet. I attached the feet to the board and the the board to the cut off headboard. Did you get all of that?

bookcase bench 018
I also added a piece of luann to the back for more stabilization.

Here is what it looked like all black:
bookcase bench 005 s s

It is: 41-1/2”L x 8-1/2 “W x 15 “H. I did not really know how to paint it. I did not want to limit the design by making it too wild, but it looked so dull this way.  My neighbor suggested painting letters on it. It is a bookcase. I do not have the fancy machine that cuts letters or stencils, so I just printed the alphabet using several different fonts. Then I used scissors to cut stencils out of the printout. I taped them to the bookcase and rolled over it with white paint. When the paint dried, almost, I sanded it to distress it some.

Here is the final result:
 bookcase bench 013
bookcase bench 007     bookcase bench 010

I think it turned out really cute.

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  9. Indeed, it did turn out darling. And if you ever get tired of it, it can serve as a mudroom type furniture where the shoes and purses go.

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  11. It is very cute! And you will get lots of use from it! I love pieces that look good AND serve a good purpose! ♥

  12. How creative!! What great re-purposing!

  13. What a fabulous redo..I would of never thought of that. It turned out just wonderful.


  14. looks great. I love deocrating with initials.


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  20. Great idea! I have the perfect, sad, about-to-die bookcase to do this with!