Friday, March 25, 2011

Fabric Friday: Table Runners

My sweet mother will have her 90th birthday in April. We are going to have a big party in the church fellowship hall. In previous posts, I have told you about my mother. I was lucky enough to get her artistic talents but that is all. The rest of me is pure Pop. She is a girly girl, the ultimate lady through and through.

For several years after Pop died, we decorated her Christmas tree in her favorite bright colors. She likes butterflies and peacocks.
Party 004 Party 002 Party 003

When I started thinking about decorations for the party, I decided to use these colors. The church has big round tables and white table clothes. Earlier I had made red table runners, so I decided I would make table runners for this party also. If I made them reversible, with blues on one side and pink on the other, they could be used later for baby showers.

So I began the hunt for the colors that would all go together. I wandered around Hobby Lobby. I wandered around Hancocks. I wandered around JoAnns. I would pick up one fabric and hunt for a coordinating fabric. I would put that down and try again. Finally after buying fabric from ALL THREE STORES, I came up with this combination.
Party 006 

I am not much of a photographer and it is dark at 7:30 am. The colors are much brighter. Maybe I will update the pictures later. I took all the fabrics to my quilting group and they helped me cut the fabric. During my garage sale I sewed up the strips. Then last night at quilting, we sewed the two sides together, turned them and stitched in the ditch.
Party 008   Party 011

They will look so pretty on the tables.

I am going to use the Christmas decorations to make an ornament mobile. Thank you Natalie for the great tutorial. In my curb watch this week, I found a wreath with 2 wire rings that will be perfect for this. When I get it finished, you will be the first to see the finished product.
Megan arrives Thursday to spend 10 days with us. We have Brad’s family reunion on April 2 and Mommy’s birthday party on April 9th.

I better get busy putting away crafts and making decorations.

Let's Party! 
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