Monday, February 28, 2011

Marvelous Monday: Marvelous God

It is VERY early on Monday morning (12:25 am) and I realized that I have not started on my Marvelous Monday blog. 

I can always talk about my marvelous God. Just before Thanksgiving of 2010, our minister discovered that he had a brain tumor. Let me tell you there was a lot of praying going on. It was determined that he would have surgery. The tumor appeared to be outside the actual brain and slow growing. Now I don’t know all of the medical information, so just go with me on this. What I do know is that God has taken care of Danny, his wife and 4 children.

The surgery went well and the next day Danny was great. Then he had a brain bleed. He spent several weeks in ICU. They had to put in a shunt and progress has been slow. He has had physical and speech therapy. They have finally controlled his headaches. His Facebook comment earlier today was:
Big appointment Tuesday. MRI, blood work, Doctor consultation. Should find out about my chemo regimen going forward and genetics results from tumor. Would appreciate your prayers. I know God is good and much bigger than this tumor.
He has been such an inspiration to us all through this trial. If all goes well this week, he will be preaching his first sermon since Thanksgiving next Sunday.

Praise to our marvelous God and pray for his servant Danny.

Friday, February 25, 2011

Fabric Friday: Baby Towels

First a disclaimer: I am not a photographer. The setting on the camera was wrong when I want taking pictures of the baby bath apron. I was not taking these pictures on a sunny beach. The pictures all turned out yellow,
baby 005
so I changed them to black and white. I did take better pictures of the final product.

Okay, now for the tutorial:
My good friend, Susan, has inspired me. Last week at our sewing gathering, she brought a very cute hooded bath towel for my grandson.
baby apron 017 This reminded me also of the baby bath apron that my daughter-in-law had.
baby apron 1
So I have been experimenting this week.

Creative Cuddler Apron
Large Bath Towel about 30”x54”baby 002
1/2 yd. Coordinating fabric
baby apron 009
Cut the towel to 45”.  Fold the towel in half length wise and mark 4” from the fold on the raw edge. On the long edge mark down 6” from the raw edge. Cut  a large curve for the upper apron and 005From the coordinating fabric, cut a matching shape with the side under the arm 4”.
baby 009Again from the coordinating fabric, cut a 4” strip 28” long. Fold the fabric to  the center lengthwise and again in half. Top stitch and cut into 2 14” straps.
baby apron boot strapPin the straps to the apron top and the arm hold top.  Put the towel and coordinating fabric pieces together right sides together with the straps inside. Sew, turn and top stitch.
baby apron 014To make the corner hood, you will use the piece cut off the top of the towel. Pin it diagonally across the back side of the bottom corner. Sew around the corner and turn toward the front.
baby 017Now you have a Creative Cuddler Apron to get your baby out of the tub without losing your grip on the slippery sweetheart.
baby apron 006 baby apron 005 
This is my neighbor. I drug her out of her house to model the apron. I will try to get pictures with a baby later.

Next I will give a tutorial of the Creative Cuddler Hooded Towel.
baby apron 018

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