Sunday, August 18, 2013

The Adventures of Spiderman

Recently our son received a fabulous job opportunity. This is great for our boy and his family. However this great opportunity is in Massachusetts. That is 1770 miles from our home in Friendswood, Texas. I had the privilege of helping with this transition by flying with the 2 boys and my daughter-in-law's sister after their parents made the 3 day drive. This all happened around the first of July. I stayed until July 14 to help with the kids, but our oldest grandson was turning four on July 23. His parents decided to have his birthday party on July 4 while his aunt and I were both there.

"Ba-Daugust" in into super heroes this month. At my house I painted his face.

 The plan was for a superhero party. I bought a Spiderman and Frogman superhero action figure and way too many Avenger t-shirts. Then I started looking at gift bags. They were so cute, but sooooooo expensive.
My crazy brain started to work and the imagination went wild. I would make a "Spiderman City" out of all of the packing cardboard they had used for the move. Then I would put the presents inside the buildings.

This had to be done in my bedroom, after the kids were asleep and hidden before they woke up in the morning.  I took boxes and pieces of cardboard and began cutting and taping them into skyscrapers. My co-conspirator was my daughter-in-law's sister. Let's call her "Cohort". She brought me a Greek yogurt case that had holes in it that made great windows.

I had so much fun, I ended up making 10 buildings. I bought some string and crocheted spiderwebs.
 We had the party on the deck. The building were okay, but Papa gave him light sabers and the building had to wait.

The new house has a great basement. We don't have that in Texas. The basement is finished except for one little alcove. It is about 5'x7'. Ba-Daugust claimed it immediately. Papa hung colored lights and it was great.
Later I found white lights and they became the stars inside Spiderman City.

 The 2 largest buildings are big enough for a 4-year-old to get inside. He decided to use one to make a robot.  I cut holes for the arms and for his face. When the robot became a building again, the holes were windows.

I had mixed emotions about leaving Massachusetts. I was tired and needed to go home, but they were so far away. They are all adjusting, meeting new friends and getting very busy. I have time to work on other projects here. (More on that later). We will have to master the art of FaceTime.

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I am really going to make an effort to write this blog. I have so much to tell you!

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

A New Name...A New Look

I have not blogged this year. It is time to get back in the groove. I think I have finally figured out what to call my business, my brand:
Imagine with Melanie

Most of my work and time has gone toward my website: www.imaginewithmelanie, but I miss just being able to express myself.
I'm back!

This post is just to introduce myself again. I will write a real blog post soon.