Thursday, June 30, 2011

Fabric Friday : More Rompers

Last week's post about Fabulous Rompers has produced some business. They were also mentioned in Top Ten Favorites at Boogieboard Cottage. Today I thought I would share some of my new creations:

I made these for my grandson and great-niece. They are going to the beach together next week.

 This is for my great niece. It is a knock-off, but I can't remember where.
  I am trying to use the applique fabric to face the armholes and hem.
 I haven't quite finished this one.
So far, the only things that I have had to buy are snaps, interfacing and Wonder Under. I have used fabric from my stash and fabric that I have been given. When you have the reputation for taking ANYTHING, it is amazing what you receive.

You can find these fabulous rompers locally at the Funky Monkey in Friendswood, Tx. 

P.S. My grandson and great-niece were so cute in their matching suits. 


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Saturday, June 25, 2011

Another Shade Update

Okay, here is the most important material that you need to complete the shade sail:

This is my nephew. He plays football for the University of Houston. He was able to pull the canvas very tight. Then I tightened the cable.

We also put cables under the canvas going diagonally from post to house.

Friday, June 24, 2011

Fabric Friday: Fabulous Rompers

AEB is going to vacation in Florida over the 4th of July. I decided to make him some rompers to take on the trip with his parents. I got my inspiration from Zulily
I used Google images to find the appliques. While he was here last week, I made a blue gingham with a shark on it. I forgot to take a picture. It was the prototype so it had some problems.
I printed this shark on plain paper and then cut it out of a coordinating fabric. Then I used a fusible web to adhere the Shark to the front of the romper. I zig-zaged around the shark and added the fins and eyes.

I used these images to make 2 more outfits.

Here are pictures of the other 2 that I have made.

AEB (and his parents) will come to Houston July 1 to fly to Florida.

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Thursday, June 23, 2011

Statement Jewelry

Today someone asked me where my jewelry was listed on my blog. Well I realized it is not. I did share a Slide Show of some of my creations. So today I will give some detail about the jewelry I have made. 
It all began as a project to utilize a group of mismatched beads. Somewhere I saw a large bib necklace with a variety of beads. I decided I could do that so I just started sewing beads on a piece of fabric. The designs have become more involved and elaborate but they still come from my crazy brain.

When the big statement jewelry first came out, I decided that I could do that. This was not long after Hurricane Ike. My neatly arranged and sorted beads had been washed and dumped into a container. I took that container of mixed up beads and just started sewing them on a piece of cloth. When I got the general shape I wanted, I sewed on some ribbons and a coordinating lining and I was finished.

That one sold off my neck at church.

I still sew each bead on by hand, but I have gotten better. I use and embroidery hoop to secure the cloth while sewing. On the fabric, I draw a shape for the design. I use beading thread and needles. I secure a piece of felt to the back to give the necklace some stability and shape. Then I sew on a coordinating lining.
The early necklaces had ribbon ties. Now most have beaded clasps, but some still have ties.

These necklaces got me my local TV. I sent one to Debra Duncan on "Great Day Houston".

Then later I was asked to be on the show.

That was fun. Now that I have bored you with the history, here are some of my necklaces:

Later I will show the expansion into school spirit necklaces. 

As always, my designs can be bought in Friendswood, TX at The Funky Monkey

If you see something you like, email me and we will discuss price and shipping.
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Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Marvelous Shade Update

Last week I posted about my Marvelous Shade. It definitely serves the purpose for which it was intended: there is shade for grandson and for our living room.

There have, however, been some problems. The middle sags and the canvas stretches.

After I had set my posts, I discovered Shade Sail Installations. In this they suggest two high and two low connections.

When I build something, I usually have to rebuild a lot. I don't do enough research. I just jump in with both feet and create. So after the fact, I did try to make the "hypar" design. I took down 3 of the corners and then moved the eye bolt across from the high post as far away as possible. That stretched the canvas on the bias. Then I attached the other 2 corners. I could not change the heights, but it did help some. 

You must also have some way to tighten the connection after it stretches. If you have some help, you can pull the canvas and then tighten the covered cable connectors. I have also added a turnbuckle to every corner.

Let me know if you figure out a better way to keep tightening the canvas.



Monday, June 13, 2011

Marvelous Monday: Marvelous Shade

We are NOT outside people. This lease house is perfect: no trees, no flower beds, no upkeep. That is also a problem: no shade, high electric. Well grandson (AEB) is coming Thursday to spend 3 days. He is definitely an outside person.

When we moved in (3years ago) I had a plan to put in a shade sail.

Isn't it pretty. It looks so simple. I had the whole plan in my head. I set 4x4 posts that I found in the trash.

Notice the big white box that was made for a dog house? Pepper was also not an outside person. The only time she got in it was when I got in there with her.

I bought a drop cloth. 
Then I developed psoriatic arthritis and could not move. 

Now that I have that under control and AEB will be here in 3 days, I need some shade. The drop cloth got used in other places. So last weekend Brad and I went and bought all the supplies.

4 screw eyes:    

13 feet of 3/16" plastic wrapped cable:  
3 packages of cable clamps:   
 another drop cloth

2 turn buckles:  

I turned under each corner of the dropcloth to make a channel for the cable.

I put 2 screweyes in the eaves of the house and attached the wire and canvas.

 I then put the other screweyes into the top of the posts and used wire and turnbuckles to attach.

And now we have shade for AEB and also to cool our living room window.

I will have to redo the ramp for his trucks:
There were many breaks to hydrate and only minor injuries.

The whole project is close to the vision in my head.

It will work and that's what counts.




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