Sunday, March 27, 2011

Marvelous Monday: Marvelous Activities

Over the next month my life is going to be
  • March 31 – My birthday, Megan arrives for 10 day visit, She must have a place to sleep. That means the craft room must become a guest room. YIKES!!!!!!
  • April 2-3 – Bacom family reunion in Houston. Must take food and play with grandson, FUN!!!!!!
  • April 9 – Mother’s 90th birthday party, decorating, family, play with grandson, MORE FUN!!!!!
  • April 16 – F.I.G. Festival, craft booth,must have things ready to sell, FRANTIC!!!!!!
  • April 17 – Performance painting at church, sometime I have to get this canvas ready and partially painted, NERVOUS!!!!!
  • April 24 – Easter, finish performance painting MORE NERVOUS!!!!!
  • April 30  - Family Festival, I am in charge CRAZY!!!!!!
  • May 1 – may die of exhaustion!!!!
Wish me luck and endurance!
(why do I get myself into this?)

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