Sunday, March 20, 2011

Marvelous Monday: Marvelous Sale

I had a great sale over the weekend, but I am exhausted! I made about $600 and got rid of some big pieces. I am amazed at how people want you to give away your handmade designs.

Now I have to start cleaning up for visitors coming in 2 weeks. I can really make a mess when I am creating. It seems like I just posted about my guest room makeover, but it is a disaster again. My daughter will be here March 31, so I have got to start putting stuff away. 

The first weekend in April is my husband’s family reunion. When his mother died, we decided that we still needed to get together once a year. We meet the first weekend in April every year. Brad is the only one of his generation alive. Now it’s time for our kids to take over. This is one of the last picture’s with both of Brad’s brothers. It was maybe 6 years ago.
 Hugh's house 041

The second weekend in April my family will get together for my mother’s 90th birthday party.
with grandmother

That should be a fun time for all. My parents were amazing people. My mother is still very special.

I think this week I will try to rest up for the family parties.

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