Saturday, October 29, 2011

YouTube Video

This week I created a video to go with my jewelry "system".

After my party last week, I decided that this system might need some explanation to go with it. So I came home, made a Power Point presentation, added sound, saved it as a video and then put it on I am so proud of myself. I hope you enjoy.

Remember you can find the jewelry at
607 South Friendswood Drive #27,
Friendswood, TX 77546-4562
(281) 996-5007


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Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Jewelry Launch Party

This Saturday I will be officially launching my new line of jewelry. I as so excited!. It is the

I am calling it a system because each piece can be used in several different ways.
Here are the details on the party:

The Funky Monkey
is having a party to launch the
Creative Design Jewelry System
by Melanie Bacom

When: Saturday, October 22,  4:00 until 6:00
Where: 607 South Friendswood Drive #27, Friendswood, TX 77546-4562
(281) 996-5007
Refreshments will be served and there will be frequent demonstrations of the system.

I have been working all week to have a large inventory on hand. Each piece can be transformed according to your mood or wardrobe. You can wear a fabric flower as a necklace, bracelet, broach or hairclip. I have shown some of the designs here 

This is what I have added. Statement necklaces

and flowers

 All of the jewelry can be seen on my facebook page. You can also look at the Funky Monkey.


Sunday, October 16, 2011

Custom Nap Mats

I recently got an order to make two nap mats. She had seen my blog and wanted the zebra and owl.

The zebra was easy. I can find that fabric anywhere. The owl, however, was not. The original owl nap mat was made from scraps. That is why it has the owl applique, to make it more appealing. I went to Hobby Lobby to find the fabric, but they were out, of course. So I looked at Hancock's Fabrics to find owl fabric. This is the final result.

I used the pink owl in the design to make the large owl on the blanket. I drew the owl parts onto stitch witchery and then ironed them on fabric scraps (NEVER THROW ANYTHING AWAY!). Then I ironed the owl onto the blanket and zig-zagged around the whole thing.

 I think it turned out cute. I hope the client agrees.

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Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Birthing Gown

In November my daughter will be having our second grandchild. Having grandchildren is God's reward for not killing your children when they were teenagers. We have a 2 year old grandson and he is the greatest. Daughter is having a girl. I think that will be even more fun because I can sew and create for her.

Daughter sent me a link for a birthing gown. This is to replace the ugly hospital gown that I was given when she was born. The gown in the link is cute
and well priced, but daughter is a plus size, so I decided to make one for her. Now daughter lives in Oklahoma and we live in Texas. That makes it difficult to fit the dress properly. We took measurements when she came to Texas for her baby shower. Then I took a blouse pattern
and adjusted it. The original birthing gown had snaps on the shoulder and down the back. Daughter wanted snaps all the way down each sleeve and down the back. I used fabric that I had for this prototype. I will send it to her and then make adjustments for another gown. She will be able to use it as a nursing gown when she gets home. I remember after my first child was born I was so depressed when I had to wear maternity clothes home from the hospital. I want daughter to have something new to wear.

Next time I will have to find a coupon for the snaps on tape. I spent $30 for the snaps.

Here is the gown on me:

The ladybug ribbon was from her baby shower. The nursery has a ladybug theme. I don't think it needs snaps all the way down the sleeve. That makes it hard to re-snap. I think that I can also shorten the sleeves. These are things that daughter will have to vote on when she gets the gown.

What do you think?