Thursday, January 19, 2012

Plastic Grocery Bag Bags?!?

I have discovered PLARN!!!!

plarn [plahrn]
  1. plastic yarn
  2. thread made of plastic shopping bags and used for knitting and weaving.
  3. a continuous strand or thread made from plastic shopping bags
 I cannot remember where I first discovered my new obsession. But somewhere I saw something made out of plastic bags. Now my daughter-in-law really REALLY dislikes all of the plastic going to landfills. She thinks they should be outlawed. I agree that we, as a nation, send too many things to landfills. My mantra is "Never throw anything away."

Because of my daughter-in-law's thoughts, I decided to make her a plarn bag for Christmas. She liked it so much, she encouraged me to make more bags.

I looked at several videos and websites for making plarn. Some cut the bag into loops and tie them together. I tried this, but didn't like all of the knots. I prefer the continuous loop method.

I also looked at several patterns. This is the one I finally decided to try: Messenger Bag Crafted from Plastic Bags. Here are the first bags that I made.

Later I found a plarn pattern for a Plastic Fat Bottom Bag and so I made these

The bags take at least 10 hours to make and about 50 bags each. It has been fun, but they will be very expensive to buy.

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Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Words to Live by in 2012

Many years ago I taught a young girl who had the same first name as mine. She was also a very, shall we say "active" child like I had been. She has now grown into a successful adult and mother. She is my Facebook friend.

These are some of the words of wisdom she has posted. I thought they would be good for the new year.


That's enough for today. I will give you more later.