Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Wood Wednesday: Shoe Shine Kit

Superbowl Sunday was also my husband’s birthday. I knew that a group from church would be getting together so I asked for suggestions on what to give Brad. It had to be something that I could make from my assortment of stuff. You know, you all have it too…the left overs, the curbside finds, the “gifts” from friends.
Some suggested that we all bring gag gifts because Brad it always joking. Then Bruce suggested that I make Brad a shoe shine kit. Now Brad is not really “into” shining his shoes, but I knew I could make a box. Also our son mentioned recently that he would like a shoe shine kit, so this would be a prototype.  Then the group all decided that they would bring things to fill the box all wrapped up for Brad to open at the party.
Brad is a big man with big shoes. I could not just make the standard shoe shine kit like the one Bruce has.shoe shine kit 2 shoe shine kit
I wanted it big enough to hold stuff and big enough for his foot. I looked around to garage but nothing spoke to me. Then I remembered the trash run last week. There were 3 drawers.
free 002
See them behind the t-ball stand. I know, quality pictures are important, but I didn’t take another before picture and the other 2 drawers went to storage today. You get the picture. They are big drawers or big boxes. So I made a new front and a lid. I traced his shoe, cut it out of a board from a piece of a headboard and made a little stand for the “shoe”.
There is also some shoe history in my family. My maternal grandfather was a shoe repairman, or cobbler, in Tyler, Tx. In our house in Bridge City I had a picture of him in his shop. It got destroyed in the hurricane, but I saved the frame. I had put a piece on a belt he had made my mother on that frame.  Just to dress up Brad’s box a little, I put the frame on the lid.
Now for the really funny part. I put the finished kit in an old cardboard box and put it in the back of the car. I knew Brad would not notice because of all the other stuff in the car. We packed up our snacks and went to the party. At one point in the game, we paused the TV, sang Happy Birthday, ate cake and Brad opened presents. There was shoe polish and a shoe rag and  saddle soap and shoe laces. Brad could not figure out what was going on. “Does everyone think I have dirty shoes?” When he had opened all of their gifts and read the funny cards, I gave him my gift. Then it all became clear. Well here it is:
shoe shine kit 003  shoe shine kit 005 shoe shine kit 006 shoe shine kit 007 shoe shine kit 008 shoe shine kit 009 shoe shine kit 010 shoe shine kit 011
It turned out really cute. Our grandson will have a great time with it this weekend.

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  1. lol I've done that to a friend of mine before - The one that I gifted that dresser to - my other friend (who was in on the surprise) gifted her with a bag full of drawer pulls and she was like "whaaaa?" But that shoe shine box turned out lovely! I love the leather frame with the buckle around the top. That's the perfect touch.
    Also, thanks for the opinion... I think you're right about that fabric. The dresser was $100 from a flea market a little south of Jackson, MS. Actually had matching end tables, but I have no use for them.

  2. What a fabulous birthday party...I love your shoe box and all the presents were so great!!!

  3. LOL I won't call Hoarders if you don't call Intervention for my book addiction. Also, I do know the venders, and could get you the number if you were willing to/wanted to do shipping. I'm sure they'd be happy to help. Otherwise, check your flea markets regularly. I've gotten to where I know where to go and where not to bother for price/taste issues.

  4. That's so fun!! What a unique present :)

    Thanks so much for linking to "20 Below Thursday"!

  5. What a great idea! How fun to get everyone involved too! It turned out fabulously! Thanks for linking up!