Sunday, February 20, 2011

Marvelous Monday: Marvelous Bloggers

I wanted to shout out and ramble on about my pet peeves today, but I decide to be MARVELOUS instead. I am going to highlight some of my favorite blogs and tell you why.

One MARVELOUS blog that I just read is Pumpkin Pie Painter.
  • Her banner is cute and short. I like to be able to open the blog and see the title. I want to know what the blog will be about before I have to move my hand and scroll down. You get the picture…conserve movements.
  • She is a wonderful writer. It is informative and also funny. I like the cute comments about her children and family.
  • When I leave a comment, I just write the comment and click Post Comment. I do not have to prove that I know how to type silly words. When these words pop up, I just want to cancel the comment. Again, conserve movement.
  • For years I have been obsessed with chickens in my decor.
guest room 147PPP has cute chickens in her blog border.
Another MARVELOUS blog is Life in Rehab.
  • She is just a little crazy. Her introduction is “No, not that kind of rehab.” She gives cute side comments as she writes.
  • She shares great link party sites. I really haven’t noticed how often she does this, but I know she will give me a list of spaces where I can PARTY!
  • There are also tidbits of helpful hints.  “I'm on a mission. If I have never EVER not once replied to your comments, you may want to check this out: No Reply?
  • Her pictures are a little off beat. Saturday she was on her way to the THE COCONUT GROVE ART FESTIVAL!!! and so her graphic was her shoes. I love it!
Let’s talk a MARVELOUS  blogger—Jane at  Finding Fabulous has been helping me create a blog button. All of this HTML has been making me crazy. Now I think I have it fixed. Thank you Jane.

MARVELOUS creative outlet. I just found this one today. This mother of 3 small boys has a simple but effective blog
  • The background is white so that the content is highlighted.  She is fairly new to blogging and has made a very pleasing layout.
  • Here tutorial for the plane project is easy to read and follow. She even gave us the pattern. I just love that plane.
  • She can really create a knock-off. The PB pillows are made well.
  • I will give one suggestion. When you leave a comment she has those pesky words that you have to type. That makes me want to skip the comments. Say “no” to word verification.
MARVELOUS Cristina's Adventures
  • She runs a great link party  20 Below Thursday. Most of the rules are the same, but the one I like is “The total cost for your project must be under $20.”
  • All of her projects are Below $20.
  • The blog buttons are clear on the right sidebar and they have the code under them.
There are many more marvelous blogs out there, but this should get you started.

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    1. WOW!! That is so incredibly kind of you!! I am really touched. Thank you. I do love chickens, too. :) I think you have me beat though, with your collection! Wish I could see them closer. :) Have a SUPER week!! It's a necessity!! ;)

    2. Oh you're so sweet! I really appreciate the made my morning :) Hope you have a wonderful week!! :)

    3. Well thank you very much for those kind words! What a sweet thing to do!

    4. Thanks bunches for linking your creative ramblings to my blog bash K.I.S.S., all creativity is welcome at The Tattered Tag. Happy to be a new follower. :)