Monday, February 7, 2011

Marvelous Monday: Marvelous Man

Yesterday was Brad’s birthday. I am so glad that he is in my life.
He is loving and kind. He has a heart as big as he is. He feels so deeply. He recently lost his brother. Gary was very sick for so long. Brad was, as the only surviving member of the core family, a comfort and strength for his brother. He always knew what to say to Gary. Now Brad is so sad because his brother is gone. God give him peace.
Bacom menHe is so smart. He is my encyclopedia, dictionary and GPS. If he has heard the information, it is still somewhere in his brain. He can speak to a large group, intelligently, off the top of his head. This really makes me mad. I prepare for weeks to teach a lesson and he just wings it and it is excellent. God give him clarity.
TPIA Class 1 001  
He is funny. Last night at the super bowl party, he kept changing who he was rooting for just to get a rise out of Terri. He opens his mouth and funny comes out. He is a wonderful story teller. I have heard his stories over and over and over for the last 37 years and most of the time I still enjoy them. They get better over time. (If you want honesty, there are some stories that I have heard enough.) God give him wisdom to know the difference.
 Christmas 2025sad brad     100_1631_0001           
He is a people person. He can go into a group of strangers and keep the conversation going. He is everyman. He is equally comfortable talking to a group of 3-piece suit clad lawyers or overalls clad rednecks. God give him discernment.
He is great with children. They love him and much as he loves them.
100_0893I have spent many a dinner at the children’s table because all the kids want to sit by Brad. My sister had to spend weeks undoing a weekend of his mischief when her kids were little. Now she has just given up.  100_4476100_4475Vacation-Retirment 051Right now our grandson likes me best but I’m sure that will soon change. 
August June 039augustdecember 024Paw Paw2 bacom reunion april 021
He is “Mr. Brad” at church and the star greeter. (The candy may have something to do with that). He loves to tease the kids and they tease him right back. He has found his calling in the children’s ministry. God give him patience.
He is a wonderful parent. He is a balance to my compulsiveness. I go on and on and he just takes it in stride. He will talk to Megan on the phone as long as she wants to talk. (I get the business done and I’m gone.) When they were small, he would make up silly songs and keep them occupied while I was off doing my thing. God give him longevity.
He is a great husband. He is so patient with me. I have crafts and projects EVERYWHERE. (Remember never throw anything away?) He can barely get through the house or the garage. I would much rather creative than clean or cook or laundry, but he loves me still. He is so romantic. He writes me poetry. He gives me thoughtful presents. He gives me surprise parties. God give him an understanding heart.
000_0065kiss sandwich
I love that Marvelous Man.

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  1. Family really is an amazing thing.
    Every family member touches us in a unique way.

    I haven't stopped by for a while, thought I'd say hello.
    Please check out my new blog and feel free to follow when you have a minute

  2. Wow what a wonderful tribute!! You almost had me in tears :)

  3. This is such an inspirational post. I too, am blessed with a good husband. We are very lucky indeed. Lovely photos, too.

    Found you through Tuesday blog hop.
    CJ xx

  4. Isn't it wonderful to have a wonderful hubby. Now I don't like the word lucky though ;) I think I picked him, so it's not luck it's smarts :D Cheers to having wonderful hubbies that make us laugh, and are into mischief. Mine teaches my boys naughty things and than has to correct them for it LOL
    New gfc follower from the totally Tuesday blog hop

  5. I knew when I first met Brad that I would like him. I have asked you many times to clone him, but you won't. Oh well, I will just have to enjoy seeing the two of you together and the love you have for each other. You are a blessing to me.

  6. I don't know you or Brad...I just happened across your blog by accident. This warmed my heart and I thank you for that. Many blessings for you and yours.