Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Wood Wednesday: Door Table

At our house in Bridge City, I had a breakfast room. It was big enough for a small table and chairs. I also had a kind of buffet table that folded down when not in use. I finally found a place for it in Friendswood.

This table was made from a 5-panel door.
I located the studs in the wall and attached hinges at those locations.

I used 4x4s for the legs and attached them with brackets.

This makes a buffet height table.

 It is perfect for high chairs.
The panel inserts have two pieces of glass to make it level with the door. 

There are hinges on the glass so that it can be taken out. I can change the picture insert to coordinate with the season.

I left the original hardware on the door, but it does not look too good after the hurricane. I may have to take the door knob off.
I think Grandson will really like this table.

Workin On It Wednesday

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  1. this came at a perfect time, I want to make a side table from old shudders! Wonderful project, thank you for sharing :)