Friday, June 10, 2011

Proud Momma

Last week I was asked to help my son take care of his son. The momma (DIL) of the house was going to visit her sister who recently had a baby. They let me help, for FREE! Anyway, I flew from Houston to Austin last Thursday. My DIL flew out VERY early Friday morning. My son is an assistant principal at a high school in Austin so he had graduation Friday night.

AEB and I played outside all day Friday.  We played with the water hose and filled up the turtle sand box. We made a road in the dirt. We moved the trucks all around. He is all boy and is very energetic and inquisitive. I am so glad he really enjoys his nap.

My son told me about all the things he wanted to do for his wife while she was gone. Well I knew what he needed to do. Just before AEB was born, they replaced the flooring in their house with laminate wood flooring. That is every room except the master bedroom. I knew that DIL really wanted the floor finished. When I suggested that son said it was too much trouble to move all the furniture.... (yada, yada, yada, I don't remember the rest). By Saturday morning he had thought about it and decided to finish the bedroom.

He worked every spare minute on that room. He replaced the flooring, put in new baseboards and quarter round, replaced the window shades and put everything back. Then he cleaned the whole house. When DIL got home Wednesday evening, the house was perfect.

I am so proud of that boy.

My sweetie came up Tuesday and played with us Wednesday. We drove home Wednesday after DIL arrived home. Next week they are going on a short trip together and AEB will come to our house. I am looking forward to that.

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