Monday, June 13, 2011

Marvelous Monday: Marvelous Shade

We are NOT outside people. This lease house is perfect: no trees, no flower beds, no upkeep. That is also a problem: no shade, high electric. Well grandson (AEB) is coming Thursday to spend 3 days. He is definitely an outside person.

When we moved in (3years ago) I had a plan to put in a shade sail.

Isn't it pretty. It looks so simple. I had the whole plan in my head. I set 4x4 posts that I found in the trash.

Notice the big white box that was made for a dog house? Pepper was also not an outside person. The only time she got in it was when I got in there with her.

I bought a drop cloth. 
Then I developed psoriatic arthritis and could not move. 

Now that I have that under control and AEB will be here in 3 days, I need some shade. The drop cloth got used in other places. So last weekend Brad and I went and bought all the supplies.

4 screw eyes:    

13 feet of 3/16" plastic wrapped cable:  
3 packages of cable clamps:   
 another drop cloth

2 turn buckles:  

I turned under each corner of the dropcloth to make a channel for the cable.

I put 2 screweyes in the eaves of the house and attached the wire and canvas.

 I then put the other screweyes into the top of the posts and used wire and turnbuckles to attach.

And now we have shade for AEB and also to cool our living room window.

I will have to redo the ramp for his trucks:
There were many breaks to hydrate and only minor injuries.

The whole project is close to the vision in my head.

It will work and that's what counts.




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  1. Beautiful! You may need a peak in the middle in case it ever rains again, else the load of the water might do harm.
    - Todd S.

  2. Great Job, Melanie! Little AEB will have a great time in the shade.

  3. I kind of wish we had a shade outside our patio but I've been holding back because they cost so much. This looks great!

  4. Try for a shade sail. We bought a huge one for over our back deck last year and the thing is great! We used metal pipe purchased from Lowe's instead of wood pole. These are set in cement with an extra 3ft piece of pipe screwed in to make the poles taller. This was needed because we were covering an elevated deck area. This is our second summer with this up year round in the SC heat. It stills new!

  5. Unbelievable! It looks terrific. I'm sure that will be so delightful with the heat being what it has been lately!

  6. That looks so great! we have been wanting to do that and you have inspired me to get on it! I am visiting from Wow Us Wednesdays:)

  7. You clever grandma! Very impressive. Thanks for sharing on Motivated Monday at BeColorful

  8. LOVE it! Thanks for linking up to Topsy Turvy Tuesday's, I'm featuring this tonight! I wish I had thought of this back when I was living in AZ. This would've been AMAZINGLY helpful!

  9. I have updated this post. Please check out the revisions

  10. Melanie, thank you so much for linking up to “A Little Birdie Told Me…” at Rook No. 17 last week! I apologize for the belated visit…this week has been a real beast disguised in fondant and frosting.

    I'm really glad to hear that your arthritis is under control and that you were able to finish this project that you so brilliantly conceived. What an awesome DIY!

    Warmest (or shall I say 'coolest') wishes,