Thursday, April 7, 2011

Wood Wednesday: Wood Fun

No your calendar is not wrong. Today is Thursday. Our 20 month old grandson is staying with us this week. Enough said.
family reunion 025

It turned cold so he has his feet pajamas on under his clothes, improvised long johns. At least the pj’s have a front end loader on them.

He is one busy boy. I have not had time to do any crafting. I did, however, build a ramp for him to use to roll his trucks. It starts with the lid to an old dog house. (We no longer have a dog, but I knew I might need it.) I put a piece of plywood on some 4x4s and covered it with flooring underlay that I found in the trash. Remember: Never throw ANYTHING away! It’s not pretty, but he loves it.
family reunion 037 
We heard a neighbor sawing some wood. He was using a handsaw. I dug in the garage an finally found a handsaw. I didn’t know anyone used those any more. I sure don’t. Well, I made the mistake of showing AEB how it works. Now I have had to saw wood several times.

The week has been great and I wouldn’t trade it for anything.

There will be NO Fabric Friday. 
I will catch you again on Marvelous Monday.

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  1. And you said you haven't crafted...what do you call that cool ramp? tee, hee.

    Enjoy your grandson, he'll remember you all of his life and beyond.