Monday, January 11, 2016


  In 1978 the community of Friendswood presented a friendship quilt to my mother, Esther Speck. Squares of fabric were given out to many of her friends and family. The ladies, and even her husband, K., had an old fashioned quilting bee at a wonderful friend, Jane Gamble’s home.
Before her death, Esther wrote about the quilt: This friendship quilt was presented to me at a surprise party in December 1978. It is a treasure to me and an heirloom I cannot leave to anyone specifically. Lots will have to cast for it among our children after I am gone.
Jane Gamble put it together. She sent out the green squares in the spring of 1978 to Australia, Switzerland and various parts of the U.S. When she got them back, she moved her two sons into one bedroom and set the quilt up in the other son’s room. Quilters came in as they had time and quilted on it until October or November. The kept all of this a secret from me. I remember on one occasion Lisa showed her block to Melanie and they were giggling about it. I walked up, didn’t see the block but saw Lisa quickly put something in her purse. When I asked what was so funny, they said, “Oh, nothing.” I thought they were showing some vulgar cartoon that they were ashamed for me to see. I really got upset with them. Shame on me for being so suspicious!
“Lucky” Dong, a Vietnamese friend whose family we sponsored when they came to the U.S., made the beautiful wall hanging giving the names of all of those who helped with the project. 
Words cannot adequately express my appreciation for all of the love and work that made this possible.

The lots were cast and the quilt was given to me.Actually they knew I would take anything old. But the quilt is GREEN. Not a calm, quiet green that is easy to fill in with any decor. This is neon green and it is king sized.

 We decided to hang it in the dining room so I had to figure out how to incorporate the color into some design. Well, you will soon realize that everyone gives me anything they do not want any more. A friend gave a a bolt of rubber-backed green fabric used to make diaper covers. I used  it to make different things for the grandchildren.  Then it hit me. It would make good curtains for that west facing room and the green would work with the quilt.
I bought some white sheer panels to tone down the green. Someone else had given me some old valances. So I put the sheers over the diaper cloth and used the valance cloth to make tab tops.

The center has to be drawn apart so that the dog can see the street traffic.

 I added a watercolor that I painted and one that my mother painted of our first house 35 years ago.

The room is coming together. For Christmas Brad bought me some plain white dishes that will work just fine with the neon green wall hanging.

I have been cleaning and organizing my so I can start working on merchandise for the fall craft shows. Merry Christmas!


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