Friday, May 21, 2010

Busy Weekend

Tonight Brad is having "Men's Game Night" at our house. That means I have to clean up all of MMB Creations. Maybe I can get one more cleaning job out of Megan. Sunday she will be flying to Oklahoma to join her husband. The Army will not deliver their stuff until Monday. We decided there was no reason for us to go to Oklahoma now. We will go later when they are settled and I can help her decorate. Brad and I also decided that we should not go that far from home right now. His brother Gary is in ICU in Beaumont. He still has complications from heart surgery. I guess we got too optimistic after the first surgery. My mother is going through a rough spell. She fell on her face this week and has a terrible bruise. She has no lasting injury, but does not want to go out because she looks bad. It is amazing how weak she is from spending one day in a hospital bed. Sometimes when the men are gaming, I go with the ladies to the movie. Tonight I think I will stay in the bedroom and sew. I have several orders for quillows. One of the hairdressers at Emeritus wants one that she can show around and take orders. Please continue to pray for Brad. He needs to find some work and to improve his health. Pray that Megan and Andy will be able to make their marriage work. We will miss her but also look forward to the empty nest.

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